Interview with Chef Kelvin Shaw

OutbackChef talking on the Aussie Radio Show with host Neill Bartlett and Chef Kelvin Shaw, Altair Restaurant on the fusion of Australian native food into local cuisine.

Sandalwood, Ginger & Chicken Balls

Most people are familiar with Sandalwood incense sticks, oils, skincare products but have never try the beautiful nuts that this tree offers.  The Sandalwood tree, Santalum spicatum is a native to Australia and has been eaten as a bushtucker food by the Aboriginal people for centuries.

Wattleseed & Yoghurt Loaf

I love the crunchy crust as you bite into this super moist loaf, you can spread it with butter if you want, but I usually just eat as is.  Makes a great desert with mascapone and mixed berries.  Pictured here is a traditional Aboriginal grinding stone showing fresh wattleseed and after it's ground.

Lemon Pepper Cheese Balls

Need something delicious to have with drinks when unexpected guests arrive and you've just got home from work!  Try these.

Welcome to The Outback Chef kitchen

Contemporary Australian food comes from so many different cultures, add some bushfoodherbs, spices, fruits or berries and you've created something unique.  Let Outback Chef help you on your bushfood journey with these quick and easy recipes. Would love to add any recipes that you'd like to send to me.  We need to spread the word about our fantastic native food and share all the knowledge and info that we can.