Show 5 The OutbackChef Podcast

with Bill “Swampy” Marsh, Australian Author

Show 4 The OutbackChef Podcast

with Ben Barrow from Caboor Farms talking about growing hazelnuts in Australia

 Show 3 The OutbackChef Podcast

with guest Chef Kelvin Shaw from Altair Restaurant

Show 2  The OutbackChef Bushfood Podcast

with guest Dr Chris Read talking about Australian Pepperberries

Show 1 The OutbackChef Bushfood Podcast

with guest Jude Mayall talking about bushfood and what’s happening in the industry





The OutbackChef Podcast

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We love the produce from the Outback Chef. It’s always fresh and delivered really quickly – and tastes Amazing too. I’ve recently bought several gift hampers which have been a smash hit. Happy regular customer here

Vicky Mann

As a  Chief Procurement Manager for the past 15 years, I am constantly looking for amazing new products, that not only taste fantastic but also have that “Wow” factor.

Jude from The Outback Chef is incredibly passionate about her produce, which is truly unique and delicious. It is an absolute pleasure to have The Outback Chef product range available for my clients.

Jen Paterson, Gourmet Procurement Purchaser