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The OutbackChef, Jude Mayall

OutbackChef emerged as an Australian native herb and spice company back in 2005, it’s now one of Australia’s leading suppliers of native herbs, spices, fruits and berries to the hospitality industry and home cooks.

How does OutbackChef get it’s supply of bushfood?

“We work directly with wild-harvesters, Indigenous communities, farmers and growers in regional and remote areas.”

“Indigenous Australians have been harvesting, collecting and making excellent use of the land’s natural resources for thousands of years,” says native bush food expert and author of cookbook, The Outback Chef, Jude Mayall. “The unique characteristics’ of Australian spices, fruits and herbs have spectacular flavours with endless health benefits.”

Our relationship with the land, particularly if we live in a big city has been sadly eroded, important connections to the seasons and weather patterns aren’t a consideration for many who rely solely on supermarket shopping and the frozen food cabinet.”

How did you get involved in Australian bushfood?

“Aboriginal art and culture has been a life-long passion for me and I’ve been actively involved in the industry since 1990, I actually learnt a lot about bush tucker from Aboriginal women,  they explained and taught me so much through their vibrant and colourful paintings. The artworks often told a story of survival and food gathering.  

These paintings not only increased my knowledge, but they also fuelled a desire to go further with Australian native bush food.

From there native food quickly became my job and my life’s passion.”

Do Australian native herbs and spices have much flavour?

“Yes, Australian natives really pack a flavour punch and they can really transform a dish, but use carefully to start with.

….and yes….. Australian native edible crops can be unpredictable with some seasonal variation in flavour and also availability, but whilst it’s really a part of their character and charm, it can be challenging for any chef or cook who is used to consistency with their raw ingredients.

Native ingredients really inspire a connection to the land, which is especially important in today’s fast paced and technology-driven modern world. Getting back to basics is incredibly grounding and liberating, plus the natural resources at our disposal produce delicious and versatile flavours that are good for us and for the environment.””

“It really is a full-circle process between the outback, the growers and myself,” says Mayall. OutbackChef is about modern, wild Australian cuisine.

The Kitchen Playground

“ My home kitchen is my playground, here I have the freedom to explore, create and discover new flavours … my recipes can contain many contradictory elements, if they work that’s great, if not it’s all part of the learning experience and I’ve had a lot of those…not much goes to waste though..my dog, Barney, always willing to try anything new, approaches his tucker bowl with a positive attitude and a waggy tail”

About Us

Jude Mayall, owner of OutbackChef, is an industry advisor, author of The OutbackChef cookbook and a regular guest speaker and educator.   Her talks and cooking demonstrations celebrate the power and beauty of Australian native bush flavours as well as embracing the rich history and the importance that these outback bush edibles play today in shaping dishes that are uniquely Australian,

Jude is currently working, thru OutbackChef, with the indigenous community at Maningrida, Northern Territory creating products using a lot of the fruits and berries that are wild harvested on community land. She has worked with the indigenous children at Tiwi College on their healthy eating program “Taste It, Do It, Live It”, done specialty themed dinner nights at many of the Australian mines, bush food cooking classes, taught the teachers via the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, cooking demo with Huxtaburger at Taste Melbourne, given classes at Ceres Environmental Garden and cooked crocodile at Fred’s Paddock in Darwin.

She has given talks and curated art exhibitions featuring the artwork of the Aboriginal people of Australia illustrating their cultural connections and the spiritual significance of wild-harvested bushfood, some include North Carolina, USA., Osaka, Japan and at Federation Square in Melbourne.

Jude has a Diploma in Confectionery at the Confectionery Acadamie in Solingen, Germany and has worked for many years within the confectionery industry.

Then the art world beckoned and her passion for Aboriginal art became a job.  “It was one of those quirky things that happen, it was really only going to be part-time 2 days a week and ended up being full-time for 10 years!”

Jude gained a lot of knowledge about bush tucker through her involvement in Aboriginal art and working with the artists.  She learnt about the Dreamtime stories, depicted on canvas in vibrant colourful shapes and designs, showing country, food hunting and gathering, the importance of the elements and the spiritual significance of what was represented.  These paintings not only increased her knowledge, but also fuelled a desire to go further with Australia’s native bush food…OUTBACK CHEF was a natural and passionate progression.


“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you” – Frank Lloyd Wright

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We love the produce from the Outback Chef. It’s always fresh and delivered really quickly – and tastes Amazing too. I’ve recently bought several gift hampers which have been a smash hit. Happy regular customer here

Vicky Mann

As a  Chief Procurement Manager for the past 15 years, I am constantly looking for amazing new products, that not only taste fantastic but also have that “Wow” factor.

Jude from The Outback Chef is incredibly passionate about her produce, which is truly unique and delicious. It is an absolute pleasure to have The Outback Chef product range available for my clients.

Jen Paterson, Gourmet Procurement Purchaser