Apricot & Sunrise Lime Conserve

Apricots and Sunrise Limes

My apricot tree is positively groaning with fruit this season, I’ve shared with the neighbours and family, but there is still heaps and whilst I have the usual fight with the birds there is plenty to go around. Apricots and Sunrise Limes are a great combo, these beautiful little Aussie Limes are jam packed full of citrus goodness, they come from my friend, Vickie & Mark’s property in Western Australia. The Apricots from my backyard and the little dash of Anise Myrtle, I think, gives it a really interesting flavour dimension.






in the pot

2015-12-20 09.49.48 All in the saucepan, I add the sugar once the fruit and water have come to the boil, just love the colours of this conserve.

Australian bushfood Sunrise Limes

Australian native citrus, Sunrise Limes. Very soft citrus flavour about the size of a cumquat, but pear shaped.

Finished jam, it's still hot so i cant take any fancy pictures as yet

Finished jam, it’s still hot so i cant take any fancy pictures as yet

My Recipe

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 30 mins
Bushfood: Sunrise Limes, Aniseed Myrtle


  • 1.5kg Apricots, halved with seed removed from my backyard.
  • .200g Sunrise Limes from Western Australia
  • 1.7 kg sugar from Queensland
  • 1 teaspoon Anise myrtle from New South Wales


  1. Put Apricots into a saucepan
  2. Add one cup of water
  3. Put Sunrise Limes thru a processor and then add to saucepan
  4. Bring the fruit and water to boil
  5. Add sugar and stir occasionally until it reaches 105C
  6. Add the Aniseed myrtle
  7. To test for setting put a teaspoon of the conserve onto a chilled plate, it should wrinkle then pushed with a finger.
  8. If for some reason you feel the conserve is too runny, mix 20g of fruit pectin with 20g of sugar and sprinkle into the mix
  9. work quickly with this at it can form globules, so sprinkle thinly and mix whiles your doing it
  10. your conserve should set pretty well then. Sometimes the seasonal fruit can impact on setting.

Additional Info

Remember if you're cooking jams or conserves that you are dealing with high temperatures, make sure your arms are covered and also wear protective eyeware, gloves and shoes, burns happen really easily when these start boiling and it does splutter....keep your kids away from the kitchen during this time. When I was cooking professionally as a confectioner I had a lot of burns, particularly in the early days, most are preventable, so take care; but enjoy your cooking.....these are the fun things to do and make great gifts, who doesn't love a pot of home-made "something"

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