With Valentines Day just around the corner, Cupid’s arrow is buzzing around aiming for targets near and far.  So you’re trying to consider how to let someone special know you love them!  A bit tricky huh??  Perhaps I can show you a trick or two.

Saint Valentine is a versatile saint with a wicked sense of humour, can I hear him saying no to chocolates and flowers this year?  Well not completely, we all love those things…..but how about a few other ideas to impress the romantic notions.  OutbackChef’s Strawberry Gum, Rose & Blackberry Tea is considered the “Romantic Tea”, it also has a beautiful Australian grown green tea incorporated into it and is fantastic as a chilled iced tea.

Cupid is on the prowl, he’s spotted eye candy in the form of Native Finger Limes, little bursts of  citrus caviar that can be coupled with oysters, the aphrodisiac of all aphrodisiacs.

Am thinking of a picnic in the beautiful Australian countryside, or closer to the city we have so many parks, gardens and places to enjoy a special moment not only for a romantic liaison but with special friends or even family, this is the day of love for all we care about.

OK, so if oysters aren’t your thing what about avocados chopped into a great green salad with a sprinkling of Olive oil with Sunrise Limes.  Make a quiche to go with it.

And if it’s a BBQ that you’re considering….great…how about an amazing Aussie Beer Damper as well, it can be made over the fire or  make it before you venture out and bring along, its quick and easy.

Valentine’s Day is about love and sharing, the best gifts are created to be shared with friends and family, so get those creative hands and hearts working and have a wonderful day.