In this podcast we talk Pepperberries and Pepperleaf with Chris Read from Tasmania.  Pepperberries and Pepperleaf are fast becoming staples throughout the industry and Chris has been foremost in promoting these hot spicy berries and their subtle flavoured leaves.  An easy, must have, in everyone’s bushfood pantry and an easy substitution for your regular imported peppers.  Listen to our podcast now.

Tasmanian Pepperberries have a hot, as in really really hot chilli, flavour and the leaves of this beautiful bush carry all the beautiful flavour and aroma without the red-hot chilli taste.  Both are great in any dish that requires a peppery finish.  Why not try Chris’ suggestion and make some Pepper Ice-cream!

This beautiful plant grows naturally in Tasmania and also the southern parts of Victoria as it loves a cold climate, a great bush for your garden with its bright green leaves, dazzlingly bright red stems and the bonus of the sharp black berries that can be used fresh or dried.

OutbackChef sells both the leaves which have been dried and milled for culinary use and the dried black berries ready for your pepper grinder.  We also offer a brilliant combo of peppery flavours featuring the Tasmanian pepperberries with red, green and white peppers for something a little different.

Harvesting time for the berries is in January, they are then carefully dried before sending to the world as news has got out that these little jam-packed hot chilli like berries are also one of nature’s superfoods.