At the Wild Food Cafe we have a modern Australian menu featuring a lot of the plants growing on the Farm.  Lilli Pilli syrup with our croissant.  A lot of our preserves, syrups and dressings used in the cafe and available at our Produce store are made in our kitchen.  Lilli Pillip syrup has fast become a favourite with many of our regulars.

Davidson Plums have been used to create a beautiful ice-cream served with our decandant chocolate/wattleseed brownies.  Pies and sausage rolls with native pepper and herbs cut fresh from the Wild Food Farm are just a few of the delights on the daily menu.

Locally produced honey is also used in many of our dishes as well as sold at the Produce store, it’s pure, tastes fantastic and works with the seasons.

Warragul Greens grow in abundance and we use them, harvested fresh daily, on many of our dishes, likewsie Native Basil, River Mint, Saltbush, Strawberry Gum and much more.