We are now making and creating some great jams, relishes and syrups with Australia native fruits and berries, herbs and spices.

A lot of these are used on a daily basis at the Wild Food Cafe and it’s great to see how many people really are enjoying tastes that were previously unfamiliar to them.

Our Lilly Pilly syrup which we’ve used over some of the cakes out of our kitchen as well as on ice-cream and pancakes. Works well. So many of our customers say that they’ve seen the trees or other species of Lilly Pilly in the street but never thought that they made such a delicious syrup.

Our kitchen has been really busy during COVID creating a full range of preserves and Chef Joel has really out-done himself with his creative spirit. When fruit is in season we use it as well as so much other fruit for example our neighbour had a wealth of Rhuburb, I really love rhuburb, and we used Native Rosella in with the Rhuburb Jam, worked a treat. Plus Chef Joel’s Native Apple and Tomato relish is simply delicious.

Hope to you see you all at the Wild Food Cafe sometime but we are also selling on line. Its the perfect foodie gift or just enjoy yourself….why give everything away!