The OutbackChef, Jude Mayall

Jude Mayall, Outback Chef

The very first show of The Outback Chef Bush Food Podcast has been uploaded at: and to kick it off we take a look at “what is Australian Native Bush Food?” when ‘The Outback Chef’ Jude Mayall is our very first guest. 

Jude also shares her recipe for Outback Bush Lentil Curry and Neill takes a look at the Aussie Bush Town, Mildura.

Be inspired to get into our native bush foods.

What is Wild Australian Cuisine or Bushfood?  Let’s go exploring…..

Australia is a large country with a bounty of wild food which until recently was ignored by the majority of the population.   Australian culinary traditions have come from Asia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East and Australia’s multi cultural heritage has played a huge role in defining what is eaten today.

“Indigenous Australians have been harvesting, collecting and making excellent use of the land’s natural resources for thousands of years,” says native bush food expert and author of cookbook, The Outback Chef, Jude Mayall. “The unique characteristics’ of Australian spices, fruits and herbs have spectacular flavours with endless health benefits.”

“We are only just beginning to discover the possibilities of native Australian ingredients and how they can be used in everyday cooking”.

“I’m really interested in how these ingredients inspire a connection to the land, which is especially important in today’s fast paced and technology-driven modern world,” says Mayall

“I think it’s a great sign that people are wanting to know where their food is coming from, how it’s been treated, and the miles it’s travelled. It’s a healthy sign, for Australians, our land and the wider food industry.”