Sausage rolls with Tomato relish

With the festive season nearly upon us and we’re all commenting on how quickly the year has gone, and it has!!! it’s fast becoming the time of year when, outside of the day to day work and jobs, we really want to be able to enjoy family and friends.  That enjoyment usually translates to food, eating and drinking.

I’ve been making Sausage Rolls for ages and there’s never left-overs.  From kids to adults these little morsals are perfect.  You can make big chunky ones, or cut them smaller to serve as finger food with drinks.  Add heaps of spices or enjoy some the simple basic flavours of meat and vegetables inside a beautiful pastry case.

Accompany these little beauties with my Tomato Relish and you’ll have friends forever!

Instead of the usual beef sausage mince, I’ve combined some kangaroo mince in with it to create a uniquely Australian flavour, give it a go….you’ll love it.