Aussie Beer Damper

The smell of beer damper cooking is something else again, I really love it.  When you’re hungry there’s nothing like a freshly baked damper with great food and great company, what can be better?

This recipe is a quick and easy way to create a brilliant damper that appeals to everyone.  You can add other flavours to this basic recipe, try some Pepperberries or Wattleseed or even give it a tropical edge with Lemon Myrtle.

If you don’t want to use beer then try using Ginger Beer, a nice alternative.

The recipe is quick and easy….worth a go…Aussie Beer Damper

Damper is the traditional stockman’s bread and made over an open fire, there’s nothing easier than mixing a few dried ingredients together, add some milk and put it in a pot over the fire.  With this damper we’ve added a few extras to create an “oh so light and fluffy” damper.  I’ve had some dampers that could easily be used to retread a car tyre! and others like little rocks, so a good combo of ingredients and a little TLC and your damper will be a real gem.