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Spiced Pumpkin SoupThis is a great winter warmer soup. Ideal footy watching soup! Pumpkins make a fantastic soup and I think that we're all way to familiar with the traditional pumpkin soup recipe, this one adds a touch of the middle eastern and with OutbackChef's Outback Bush Curry it really ticks the boxes if you love a spicy soup. Serve this with fresh crusty bread or why not make a great damper.
Davidson Plum SauceA unique tart fruit that resembles the European plum but with mix of tangy acidity and sweetness. This sauce can be used for desserts or this is the perfect sauce for kangaroo, any game meats, beef or even chicken. An optional touch of chilli add another dimension.
Wattleseed PancakesThe flavour of wattleseed goes so well with these pancakes. Must admit I dont know anyone who doesnt love pancakes and they really are so versitile, you can add any sort of topping for a sweet treat or a great meal. Use this recipe as a basic pancake mix and take out the sugar if you want a more savoury pancake, add a pinch of  Saltbush and some Pepperberry for a truly outback bush pancake.
Oysters with FingerlimesThis recipe is from my cookbook “The OutbackChef” New Holland Publishers This dressing makes quite a bit, store in fridge and use over a simple green salad with a sprinkling of Bush Dukkah
Garlic bulbs with Tasmanian Pepperleaves
Roasted Garlic with PepperleafGarlic done this way is so tasty, I usually leave the garlic cloves a little chunky to add to pasta, risotto, salads or garlic bread, you can always mill finer if needed
Try prawns or yabbies with this delicisou risotto with warragul greens and anise myrtle
Risotto with Warragul Greens and Anise MyrtleOptions…I also add some of my ROASTED GARLIC COOKED WITH PEPPERLEAF just before I add the seafood, a really tasty combo. This is one of my favourite ways to make risotto, I know a lot of the purists might object to putting in tasty cheese, but it’s my take on how I like it! Don’t skip the stock and just use water, the stock is such an important flavour base to this one.
Bushtucker with tacos!
Outback Bush Lamb TacosNEILL'S RECIPE, AUSSIE RADIO SHOW *The Aussie Radio Show host, Neill Bartlett was inspired to create this recipe by the range of Outback Chef Bush Rubs - in particular the Bush Tomato Rub. The Outback Chef, Jude Mayall appears on The Aussie Radio Show, talking tucker and showcasing Aussie Bush food in a modern, contemporary and fun way!
Outback bush curry
Outback Beef CurryCurry in a hurry….Outback Bush Beef Curry make at home or on the camp fire. A vegetarian option is to use your favourite vegetables plus chick peas or white beans.
Thai inspired with fresh coriander & ginger, but definately Australian with Sandalwood roasted nuts.
Sandalwood, Ginger & Chicken BallsMost people are familiar with Sandalwood incense sticks, oils, skincare products but have never try the beautiful nuts that this tree offers. The Sandalwood tree, Santalum spicatum is a native to Australia and has been eaten as a bushtucker food by the Aboriginal people for centuries.
bushfood curry with vegetarian alternative
Coconut Beef CurryServe with rice. I've used Black Rice with this recipe, it's available from most supermarkets. It is black in colour and when cooked looks dark purple. It has a stronger nutty flavour with a smokey after-taste, really delicious.
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