• Australian grown black tea is blended with wild-harvested native Mint to create this wonderful minty tea.  Full of flavour, it can strong for a robust tea when you feel like something with a bit of a punch, otherwise a softer version and you still have the flavour of the black tea and wild mint coming thru, just depends on what you're after at the time!
  • Australian grown black tea is strong and full of flavour.  This beautiful tea is grown under the Australian sun in the far north east of Australia on a small Australian owned property.
  • Australian grown Green Tea, Ginger and Lemon Myrtle

    Perfect pick-me-up in the morning tea.  Great stomach settler after a heavy night. 75g pack
  • OutbackChef sources its Strawberry Gum directly from the grower.  The fresh leaves are wild-harvested and then carefully dried in a shed, before milling and sending to OutbackChef for blending into our teas and spice mixes.
  • The ideal "foodie" hamper contains Natural Ramie Eco Kitchen Apron with pocket, adjustable neck strap, linen-like textile, natural Ramie 85%, cotton 15%.  Ramie is a premium plant fibre with an absorbency much greater than cotton. It is resistant to bacteria and mildew, is one of the strongest natural fibres in the world and does not shrink. Ramie is an ancient textile or over 5,000 years old and has been used since pre-historic times throughout Asia and is commonly used in Japanese textiles.  Older than cotton, Ramie fabric was used for mummy cloths in Ancient Egypt. OutbackChef's Australian Yellow Curry, made with a combination of aromatic Indian spices and includes Australian natives such as Lemon myrtle, Anise myrtle and native peppers. OutbackChef's Dukkah in a beautiful little ceramic bowl OutbackChef's Wild Lemon Grass and Ginger tea, one of the popular ones of the OutbackChef range. A recipe card for Aniseed Myrtle & Orange Salad, the perfect BBQ or dinner party salad and easy to make, this comes with a pack of Aniseed Myrtle A pouch pack of OutbackChef's Lemon myrtle. A set of mini tongs that are so handy for any kitchen set. These are all presented in a gift box.

    go to recipe for this exotic touch of the east An extoic palette of spices, rich and inviting, enjoy Roasted Wattleseed blended with Australian Wild Pepperberry Chai with or without milk. The aroma intoxicating, the flavour sensational. Wattleseed is as popular as ever and there are so many species of wattle throughout Australia that it makes sense to try as many as we can, but beware, while most are edible...not all. At OutbackChef we take care that we get the best species of wattleseed for the job, in this case it’s Acacia victoriae and we do quite a dark roast for this one in order to get the best flavour for our Wattleseed and Pepperberry Chai, add some of the great middle eastern spices and viola! A great chai tea that can be drunk straight as is or with a touch of milk and honey.  Remember when making chai tea use water to extract the flavour, a tea made on milk wont allow the tea to reach it’s full potential...it just doesn’t work, add milk later.
  • Australian Tea

    Lemon Myrtle & Orange is the sweet simplicity of a perfect match, an Australian superfood in a cup!

    I think most people are familiar with the strong punchy flavours of Lemon myrtle, but used with a little discretion this robust flavour can be gentle as well, it has a calming influence with its “orange” cousin and add some Australian grown black tea and this combo is ready to go.  When you feel like the familiar flavours of citrus and a great cuppa to boot, then this tea ticks all the boxes.  It’s an extremely popular tea for all ages and any time of day, enjoy a quite cuppa with some “just me” time or make a big pot for friends.  This tea also makes a great iced tea, make it as usual then chill straight away, don’t over-brew, once chilled add sweetener to taste.
  • Australian Wild Harvested Spiced Tea

    Australian Green Tea with Exotic Spices and wild-harvested Pepperberries

    Incorporating Lilli Pillis, Rosella flowers, Tasmanian Pepperberries  and Mandarin to energize and inspire your creative instincts. We use Green Tea from the Green Tea plantation in Victorian alpine regions. As with all our products we go  straight to the growing source to get our Green Tea.   This is a clean green tea that is soft and alluring in it’s gentle flavours.  At OutbackChef we’ve complimented this beautiful tea with some exotic spices plus some of our favourite wild-harvested favourites. Lilli Pilli’s, so many species Australia wide, but the Lilli Pilli’s used in our tea are from northern NSW, they have essential oils from ginger and cloves to high-light the spiceyness of this tea, we add Rosella flowers....an adopted native, but nonetheless a popular one, especially with the early pioneering women, plus mandarin.  Pepperberries picked as soon as they’re ripe and ready to go, from the chilly alpine regions of Tasmania.  This is an exciting tea that is so full flavour and a perfect pick-me-up in the middle of the day.


    A beautiful fruity-floral Australian grown green tea with Strawberry Gum, Rose & Blackberry Tea seduces the body and soul into relaxing. Enjoy and let the tea work its magic.

    The crushed leaves of this free-spirited rambling Wild Mint bush combine with the calming effect of gentle Lavender to enhance the spirit and soothe the mind.

    It is now a proven fact that Lavender has a soothing, calming effect...we've all, most likely, enjoyed the benefits of aroma therapy with lavender, Lavender candles, oils, soaps and so the list goes on.  I'ts been a really popular aroma for centuries.  I've seen lavender Panna Cotta, lavender put into perfumes and bath oils, the list is endless. I always marvel at why some aromas and flavours just seem timeless and have a universal appeal. Lavender has definitely has made it's mark, it came into it's own in the Victoriana era where giving flowers and posies was fashionable, ahhhh great to see the romance of it all....some things never change and hope they never do!

    Now we know that lavender is not only useful for its beautiful aroma but also makes a great tea.

    Note here that not all lavenders can be consumed, the one that OutbackChef uses is a french lavender that is grown for culinary use.  Combining with mint, I've added some calendula and Australian grown green tea, it's a great brew, a truly Australian blend with these unique flavours, try yourself or makes a great gift.

    Native Lemon Grass and Ginger Tisane

    The Australian landscape is alive with Native Lemon Grass, add the classic partner Ginger a combination to revive the spirit and tantalize the senses

    Want the perfect iced tea on a hot Summer day?

    just make tea as usual, add sweetener to taste and chill.