The crushed leaves of this free-spirited rambling Wild Mint bush combine with the calming effect of gentle Lavender to enhance the spirit and soothe the mind.

It is now a proven fact that Lavender has a soothing, calming effect…we’ve all, most likely, enjoyed the benefits of aroma therapy with lavender, Lavender candles, oils, soaps and so the list goes on.  I’ts been a really popular aroma for centuries.  I’ve seen lavender Panna Cotta, lavender put into perfumes and bath oils, the list is endless.

I always marvel at why some aromas and flavours just seem timeless and have a universal appeal.

Lavender has definitely has made it’s mark, it came into it’s own in the Victoriana era where giving flowers and posies was fashionable, ahhhh great to see the romance of it all….some things never change and hope they never do!

Now we know that lavender is not only useful for its beautiful aroma but also makes a great tea.

Note here that not all lavenders can be consumed, the one that OutbackChef uses is a french lavender that is grown for culinary use.  Combining with mint, I’ve added some calendula and Australian grown green tea, it’s a great brew, a truly Australian blend with these unique flavours, try yourself or makes a great gift.