Tea – Australian Roasted Wattleseed & Pepperberry Chai



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An extoic palette of spices, rich and inviting, enjoy Roasted Wattleseed blended with Australian Wild Pepperberry Chai with or without milk. The aroma intoxicating, the flavour sensational.

Wattleseed is as popular as ever and there are so many species of wattle throughout Australia that it makes sense to try as many as we can, but beware, while most are edible…not all.

At OutbackChef we take care that we get the best species of wattleseed for the job, in this case it’s Acacia victoriae and we do quite a dark roast for this one in order to get the best flavour for our Wattleseed and Pepperberry Chai, add some of the great middle eastern spices and viola!

A great chai tea that can be drunk straight as is or with a touch of milk and honey.  Remember when making chai tea use water to extract the flavour, a tea made on milk wont allow the tea to reach it’s full potential…it just doesn’t work, add milk later.


Made with Australian grown black tea from far North Queensland , plus wattleseed from South Australia and Pepperberries from Tasmania, add some exotic spices and you have a wonderful blend of spicy goodness.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 12 cm


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