Australian Green Tea 100% Australian Grown


Australian grown black tea is strong and full of flavour.  This beautiful tea is grown under the Australian sun in the far north east of Australia on a small Australian owned property.


This beautiful Australian grown green tea, SENCHA,  is from Victoria.  This first-grade tea is produced by using the leaves that are harvested from Summer thru to Autumn.  It is a full-bodied sweet tea with an uplifting and invigorating  effect.

These tea plants came originally from Japan as small cuttings and are now established as a truly Australian green tea plantation.   The plant, Camellia sinensis, are nurtured on fertile river flats in a well drained soil with lots of water, the perfect growing environment for the perfect Green Tea Sencha brew. The growth, the essential nutrients for the leaf and the harvest date are all carefully monitored.

After the tea is harvested the leaves are steamed, rolled and dried with 12 hours.  Steaming is the traditional Japanese way rather than pan frying, which is the traditional Chinese style of drying.  This artesian Sencha tea is reliant on the skill and experience of the grower and harvester, the way it has has been made by the Japanese tea-growers for centuries and now these skills,transported to Australia by this family-owned company, who follow these time honoured traditions.

To make the perfect brew the ideal water temperature is between 70 to 80 degree centigrade.

1 teaspoon per person and let it brew for about 2 to 3 minutes, this depends on the strength required.

Tea has played a huge part in Japanese traditional tea ceremonies for thousands of years and it’s the most popular drink the world today.

Green tea was discovered 4,000 years ago when the Emperor of China had some wind dried tea leaves blow into his cup of hot water and from then on, as we know only too well, is history.

Green tea is full of anti oxidants, a compound that retards the signs of ageing.

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