Tea – Lemon Myrtle & Orange with Australian Black Tea


Australian Tea

Lemon Myrtle & Orange is the sweet simplicity of a perfect match, an Australian superfood in a cup!

I think most people are familiar with the strong punchy flavours of Lemon myrtle, but used with a little discretion this robust flavour can be gentle as well, it has a calming influence with its “orange” cousin and add some Australian grown black tea and this combo is ready to go.  When you feel like the familiar flavours of citrus and a great cuppa to boot, then this tea ticks all the boxes.  It’s an extremely popular tea for all ages and any time of day, enjoy a quite cuppa with some “just me” time or make a big pot for friends.  This tea also makes a great iced tea, make it as usual then chill straight away, don’t over-brew, once chilled add sweetener to taste.


100% Australian grown black tea with Lemon Myrtle & Orange

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the rich aroma and beautiful taste of this age-old combination combination so loved  for many generations, even better when you realise that it’s Australian Lemon myrtle with Black tea growing under the sun in far north Qld…… just for you to enjoy or a perfect gift for someone special.

Lemon myrtle and Orange are the perfect partners  learn more about Lemon myrtle

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