Bush Tomato is a fantastic bushfood spice that the Aboriginal people have been using as part of their diet for centuries.  The green berrries grown on a low lying bush in the desert and then when ripe, looking a bit like a dried raison, then it’s ready to pick and be consumed.

The flavour is a bit like sun-dried tomato with caramel overtones, a little goes a long way, as with a lot of bushfood herbs and spices.  Over use of bush tomato can make a dish slightly bitter, so build up with flavour.

But it is great in a tomato pasta sauce, it is a spice to be used, not as a tomato replacement, but a flavour enhancer.

We’ve had a lot of bad seasons where there hasnt been much around and I must say that I dont have a lot at hand, but a little is starting to come thru and it’s great to be able to offer this fantastic bush tucker spice once again.