These little enlongated fruits with creamy yellow flowers are loved by birds and people.

Appleberry’s are a valuable bushfood and taste a bit like kiwi fruit with a slight acidic edge, they also look a bit like a kiwi fruit. Unripened they could cause heartburn, so often the unripened fruit were roasted over an open fire which was meant to eliminate this problem. ¬†They have been enjoyed by the Aboriginal people of Australia for centuries.

The early European settlers ate the berries and the children often called them dumplings.

The bush is a scrambling vine and at OutbackChef’s Wild Food Farm we have made a trellis for them to climb, the beautiful yellow bell-shaped flowers form in Spring followed by the green fruit, leading to purple.

Whilst Appleberry’s do love moist conditions they can tolerate periods of dry and I’ve noticed that a lot that I thought might not survive the current dry conditions and looked pretty “dead” have now come back and are producing fruit, so wonders never cease!