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Louise Slice with Davidson Plum PreserveI think just about every country kitchen and CWA club has got a recipe for this slice, probably all pretty similar and I can still remember my mother cooking it and the wonderful smell as it cooked in the oven, it was a favourite with us all. It was originally a cake, called The Louise Cake, created for Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Louise, at her wedding. Most likely our intrepid early British pioneering ladies bought the recipe with them and its been made for generations ever since. I love using Davidson Plum jam on this slice as the tart jam works perfectly with the sweetness of the pastry and topping. Good memories and lots of YUMMMMM
Davidson Plum SauceA unique tart fruit that resembles the European plum but with mix of tangy acidity and sweetness. This sauce can be used for desserts or this is the perfect sauce for kangaroo, any game meats, beef or even chicken. An optional touch of chilli add another dimension.
Wattleseed PancakesThe flavour of wattleseed goes so well with these pancakes. Must admit I dont know anyone who doesnt love pancakes and they really are so versitile, you can add any sort of topping for a sweet treat or a great meal. Use this recipe as a basic pancake mix and take out the sugar if you want a more savoury pancake, add a pinch of  Saltbush and some Pepperberry for a truly outback bush pancake.
Sticky Date Pudding with Macadamia NutsWho doesn’t love Sticky Date Pudding? Chef Justin Jennings has shared his amazing recipe that’s on the menu at his new “Australian” restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal. Fantastic food, great atmosphere. We spoke with Justin on The Aussie Radio Show about his new restaurant and living in Portugal.
Wattleseed whole and ground
Wattleseed TiramisuThis delicious desert had my guests wanting more. Best made the day before, to enable the flavours to move through the biscuits. Another great thing about this recipe is that by simmering the wattle seeds and using the flavoured liquid, the wattle seed paste that is left behind can be used for another recipe, ie wattle seed pasta.
Wattle seed & Choc Chip CookiesEat your heart out Cookie Monster, these little scrumptious morsels with Australian native Wattleseed and Choc Chip are perfect I made these delicious little brownies for two students staying with me, it was exam time and a little comfort food never goes astray.
Wattleseed whole and ground
Wattleseed & Yoghurt LoafI love the crunchy crust as you bite into this super moist loaf, you can spread it with butter if you want, but I usually just eat as is. Makes a great desert with mascapone and mixed berries. Pictured here is a traditional Aboriginal grinding stone showing fresh wattleseed and after it’s ground.
Quandong & Rhubarb Pie for ChristmasQuick and Easy to make, delicious to eat Rhubarb is an age-old favourite in everyones garden, hopefully it will be again, it's a delicious addition to any cooking and I've added it with an Australian bushfood, Quandongs, to create a really unique and tasty pie.
Wattleseed whole and ground
Wattleseed Espresso ButterThis can be stored in the fridge for up to a month. Wattleseed butter is sensational on Banana and Muntrie Bread.
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