Curry – Outback Bush


Outback Bush Curry a great all-rounder, aromatic and spicey

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Some like it hot, some dont!

Wattleseed from S.A., Mountain Pepperleaf, TAS. and Aniseed Myrtle, NSW plus a blend of exotic Eastern spices.  Gluten Free, no nasties, the perfect curry to have on hand.

Try these great curry recipes, otherwise use Outback Bush Curry with your own favourite combo.

Outback Bush Tacos

Outback Beef Curry

Coconut Beef Curry

Add chilli if you want a hot curry, otherwise enjoy the aromatic combination of Australian and Eastern spices.

A great Aussie Curry, good all-rounder, good one for the pot around the camp fire. LAMB CURRY RECIPE INSIDE PACK with native pepper, wattleseed and aniseed myrtle.

I often use it with left-over sausages from the BBQ, usually after a sausage sizzle or just a family and friends type of BBQ there is often left-overs, don’t waste them……and save yourself a big cooking job the next day……just chop the cooked sausages up into bite-sized chunks and fry in a pan with some finely chopped brown onions, add a good dose of Outback Bush Curry, cook a bit more, can add vegetables to this as well if you wish, and then add some natural yoghurt at the end of the cooking. ; No need to put in anything else. ; Serve with rice.

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