• Grown your own Wattleseed!

    Wattle trees grow throughout Australia

    Wattleseed, Acacia victoriae  The wattle tree makes an excellent hedge and is also often used as a fodder crop

    Acacia victoriae is drought and frost resistant.  The seeds are collected in summer, ground and roasted. Their nutty texture and coffee-like aroma have made them highly sought after for use in confectionery and baking. This seed pack contains 30 seeds and includes instructions for germination and harvesting the seed. Seeds from the Wattle tree are edible, but there are a few species that aren't so be sure to check with an expert before trying them. A great bushfood treat.  These seeds are Acacia victoriae.
  • Warragul Greens make a great edible ground cover

    Tetragonia tetragonioides  This green leafy plant likes all but the coldest climates, can be grown hydroponically.  I"ve got it growing really well in a shady spot in my garden and am constantly picking from it.  Others have it in the sun, this bushtucker plant is hardy, healthy and rampant. Warragul Greens is a perennial plant ; and reaches about 50 cm tall and has distinctive arrow-shaped dark green leaves. A good substitute for spinach, you can blanch in hot water for about 1 minute, then plunge into cold water, this removes the mildly toxic oxalates, but not always necessary.  I only blanch if the leaves are really mature as they can have bitter overtones, but normally I'm picking my Warraguls regularly for pies, and add to salads etc so just chop them up. Once established this plant is very tough and will provide you with year round food.  It likes all but the coldest climates.....you can cut it and it will grow again and again. ; They can be grown hydroponically. The packet contains approximately 30 seeds and instructions for propagation.
  • Melaleuca alternifolia  This plant has everything! Use the aromatic leaves to aid colds, and use the paper bark to wrap and cook your authentic bush tucker meals in. Melaleuca alternifolia is a tall shrub with papery bark and white flowers in spring and summer, it has aromatic foliage where valuable oil is extracted. Tea Tree Oil has great germicidal properties and is used in a range of products, including antiseptics, deodorants, shampoos and soaps. This plant has everything! Use the aromatic leaves to aid colds, and use the paper bark to wrap your authentic bush cuisine. This pack contains 30 viable seeds and propagation notes.
  • Lomandra longifolia. Grows in temperate to arid, across the East coast of Australia, leaves have traditionally been used for basket making. Not only do these beautiful Australian native grasses make refreshing bush snacks, but their leaves have traditionally been used for basket making. This pack contains 30 seeds and propagating instructions.
  • The Wild Rosella, although not a native, has been around since pioneering days. The flower (calyx) is used for making jams and relishes. The leaves can also be used in salads or as a spinach substitute. The Wild Rosella grows quickly and will produce an abundance of flowers about 10 cm across. Wild Rosella is best grown as an annual and has similar growing requirements to tomatoes, needing a warm summer, and no frost. This packet contains 30 viable seeds and propagation notes.