Warragul Greens make a great edible ground cover

Tetragonia tetragonioides  This green leafy plant likes all but the coldest climates, can be grown hydroponically.  I”ve got it growing really well in a shady spot in my garden and am constantly picking from it.  Others have it in the sun, this bushtucker plant is hardy, healthy and rampant.

Warragul Greens is a perennial plant ; and reaches about 50 cm tall and has distinctive arrow-shaped dark green leaves. A good substitute for spinach, you can blanch in hot water for about 1 minute, then plunge into cold water, this removes the mildly toxic oxalates, but not always necessary.  I only blanch if the leaves are really mature as they can have bitter overtones, but normally I’m picking my Warraguls regularly for pies, and add to salads etc so just chop them up.

Once established this plant is very tough and will provide you with year round food.  It likes all but the coldest climates…..you can cut it and it will grow again and again. ; They can be grown hydroponically. The packet contains approximately 30 seeds and instructions for propagation.