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    A great bushfood herb with a variety of uses. Native Thyme is a hardy plant once it gets going.  Native Thyme is related to the Indian Sacred Basil Ocimum sanctum. Grow your own native thyme. This perennial plant grows easily from seed and leaves can be picked throughout the year for garnishing or as a native tea. Once established this plant is very tough and will provide you with year round food. The plant grows in the same way as basil or mint and can be used in tomato dishes, soups, salsas, salads. The German explorer Ludwig Leichardt called the plant "wild marjoram" and used the leaves to make a tea.
  • Brachyshiton polulneus. 20 seeds per pack
  • Nitraria billardiera. Nitre bush tastes like salty grapes. This pack contains 10 seeds and propagating notes. The Nitre Bush grows throughout SA and inland NSW. It forms a sprawling shrub to 3m tall with red fruit in summer and autumn. The fruit are said to taste like salty grapes, and were a favourite of the tribal Aboriginies of the area. Nitre bush tastes like salty grapes.
  • Lomandra longifolia. Grows in temperate to arid, across the East coast of Australia, leaves have traditionally been used for basket making. Not only do these beautiful Australian native grasses make refreshing bush snacks, but their leaves have traditionally been used for basket making. This pack contains 30 seeds and propagating instructions.
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    Arthropdoiu milleflorum. 30 seeds per pack. A beautiful flowering tuber, the plant is used by the indigenous people as a bush medicine, the tuber is the part that is eaten.
  • Portulaca oleracea. This low growing bushfood plant grows in arid and temperate climates and is grown for its spicy leaves and stems. Can be eaten raw in salads or steamed like spinach, a great bushtucker alternative. The seeds can be collected and ground into a paste for cooking. Once established these plants are ver hardy and with small yellow flowers over summer they are a very pretty addition to your bushfood garden. This pack contains approximately 100 seeds and instructions for propagating.