Its been a great season for Davidson Plums and the Autumn harvest is nearly over.  If you’ve never tried this fantastic tart flavoured plum then you’re in for a treat.

They are actually quite an alien looking tree with clusters of fruit hanging off a long narrow trunk.  Closely resembling the European plum with their reddish/purple colour, but really surprising the unsuspecting with their extremely tart flavour, they’re highly acidic!

From a health point of view they tick many boxes, over 100 times the Vitamin C content than oranges, they contain lutein for eye health,  magnesium, zinc, calcium potassium and manganese.

This tart little plum might have plenty of attitude, but I have to admit they’re a personal favourite of mine and great to cook with.  Davidson Plum jam on scones with cream is a total joy.  They are perfect as a sauce with Kangaroo and can be used to create pies, cakes and pickles.  If you want to substitute for your European plums then add a sweetener to taste. Try this great recipe for Davidson Plum sauce.