A great Family Hamper, something for everyone

This is our biggest hamper and it’s full of bushfood ideas.  Plus if you or someone else has “green fingers” then we’ve included some Native seeds to make a start or add to your bushfood garden.  We’ve also included the great read, Grown Your Own Bushfoods, full of tip, hints and ideas for the best edible native food garden.

There’s some Quandong Jam, great for the morning toast or why not try with scones and cream – add to that our beautiful bushfood Green Tea with Lemon Myrtle and Ginger, one of our most popular teas.

Gold Lime Marmalade, made in West Australian, using our native Sunrise Limes, plus our best ever Dukkah that comes in a retro. little tin can, reminiscent of the cans of old.

Also included in our Outback Bush Curry, a favourite going way back and it’s still the same recipe with the same robust flavour that enhances everything from beef and chicken thru to sausages.

We’ve also included a recipe card for the best Orange Aniseed Myrtle salad and included is some Aniseed Myrtle, so nothing to stop the creative cook.

This hamper is full of great bushfood products ready to enjoy, we’ve also added some Sandalwood nuts that make a delicious Chocolate Brownie, try our recipe.