Australian Hamper with beautiful Australian created Teas

This simple hamper is perfect for anyone who loves a good cup of tea and has an adventurous side.  These teas have been carefully created using the flavours of the bush along with traditional flavours, a sensational group of flavours for all occasions.

Australian Strawberry Gum, Rose and Blackberry we call this the romantic tea, it’s soft berry flavour mixes with the Strawberry Gum leaf and Rose.  This is amazing as a hot beverage and really really sensation as a chilled tea, just add a little sweetener to taste.  Australian grown green tea is also a wonderful part of this harvest.

Spice berry and Mandarin Green Tea has some great spicy flavours that work with Australian Lilly Pillies, Peppers and Australian grown Green Tea.  Real pick-me-up during the day and again try hot or chilled with a touch of honey.

Australian Wattleseed and Pepperberry Chai tea…hmmmm, what’s not to like about this middle eastern brew with a touch of the Australian bush herbs to compliment a really really wonderful Chai.  We’ve also used some Australian grown black tea, it’s a mingling of east and west and just works.  Try our recipe for a Chai Mocha for any lover of a great drink…give it a try, add a little liqueur and this drink really sings!

New to our range are some Gluten-free biscuits, (Lemon myrtle, apricot and coconut) so new we’re still getting the packing done, but they do come packed in clear packs.

And with your cuppa, perhaps some scones with jam and cream…well it is treat time…we’ve added Davidson Plum Jam…all in all a great tea lovers hamper.

Everything comes packed in our natural fibre box with a gift card for your special message.

NOTE: if any of the products are out of stock we will replace with an similar item of the same or greater value.