Current Chef in Residence Jude Mayall, OutbackChef


Jude Mayall is the Managing Director and owner of OutbackChef, she is the author of “The OutbackChef” cookbook, industry speaker and native food expert. Jude has worked with the indigenous children at Tiwi College, Melville Island on a healthy eating program, travelled outback to many of the mines as a consultant chef, taught the teachers at the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, worked with Bonne Mamon a French company to create the ultimate Lilli Pilli conserve and an advocate for the industry.


Jude often combines her love and knowledge of Aboriginal art with her talks on native food explaining the important links to the land and messages that these ancient artworks show.


Jude is a regular guest on The Aussie Radio Show, based in the USA “Talking Tucker” and will be co hosting with Neill Bartlett The OutbackChef Bushfood Podcast starting January 2018, a great show to learn more about Australian native food, where it’s from and the miles it’s travelled. Amongst her talks and appearances Jude has been on ABC radio national throughout the country, a guest on the television series, Alive & Cooking and consults with many cooks and chefs on how to incorporate native food into their everyday menus.