Bush Tomato or Desert Raisin Relish, perfect relish for your true-blue Aussie Hamburger

This relish made from Australian Bush Tomatoes, Solanum centrale, called Desert Raison's by the early settlers are a low desert shrub.

When the Bush Tomato fruit turns from green to red and drops to the ground it's ready for eating. A popular food source of Australia's indigenous people for generations.

This relish is the perfect way to enjoy the unique flavour of the bush tomato.

Whilst they are related to tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) they could possibly be even a closer relation to the eggplant (S.melongena) which they have many details in common.

Bush tomatoes taste like a sun dried tomato with caramel overtones, they can be quite bitter if too large a quantity is used in cooking.  Consider them like a spice rather than as a fresh tomato.