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Desert Limes are a small fruit about the size of a grape with a wonderful “limey” flavour

Australian Desert Lime or Wild limes have an intense lime flavour without the tart edge that traditional limes have, I can eat them quiet easily alone.  Like all limes they are extremely versatile.  There are a number of native limes that have been developed, the Desert Lime being one of them.

Wild Limes were used as a food source by Indigenous people, the easy pioneers to Australia harvested them for use in jams and preserves and they are now an extremely popular lime on many restaurant menus.

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Australian desert limes are fast becoming one of the most popular bush fruits.  Traditionally, it was wild-harvested , but due to a lot of land clearing to make way for agricultural crops many of the natural habitats of this fantastic fruit were destroyed. 

Because of it’s popularity, commercial cultivation of this fruit is now reducing the reliance on the wild-harvested product.  Commercial cultivation has also produced a thinner, finer skin on the Desert Lime which makes it a very popular lime for chefs who use it for jams, sauces, ice-cream and deserts.  Australian distillers have found it makes a really well-flavoured gin and the fruit itself has enhanced the glass of many a cocktail.

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