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    Exotic Spice Mix with Bush Tomato, Wattleseed & Mountain Pepper

    Outback Chef's Bush Tomato spice mix has all the wonderful & unique flavours of Australia

    Use this Bush Tomato mix create an amazing Bushfood Dukka (recipe inside pack) or sprinkle on salads, chicken or meat, a great all round mix for the taste of Australia at its best Bush Tomatoes are eaten once they have ripened and dropped from the bush. ; On the bush itself they are green and contain alkaloids that can be harmful if eaten green. ; Once they drop off the bush and dry they turn a dark red and look a bit like a sultana. ; They can be added to a variety of tomato-based dishes. ; Bush Tomatoes are not like a fresh tomato as the name indicates but are a herb that can be used to add flavour to almost any dishes. ; They have a sundried tomato taste with a touch of caramel.
  •  Bush tomato & native pepper combine in this curry for an exotic taste experience

    OutbackChef Australian Red curry has been inspired by the wonderful strong spicy curries from India with Australian bushfood herbs

    I'd love you to try my RED CURRY CAULIFLOWER SOUP, it's a winner at any dinner party...recipe inside pack. click on image for recipe ideas.
  • Australian native food mingle with Eastern spices in this unique curry

    This Australian native curry is perfect with fish, chicken or as a vegetable curry.  Lemon myrtle, Anise Myrtle and native Australian peppers make the perfect curry.

    Easy to make, just add your meat or vegetables, a little extra chilli, if you want it hotter and your meal is complete.
  • Outback Bush Curry a great all-rounder, aromatic and spicey