Tasmania lanceolate, Australian Pepperberries a superfood that packs a hot chilli punch 

Australian Native Pepperberries are high in anti-oxidants

Wild Australian native Pepperberries are so delicious, with amazing therapeutic benefits

These hot chilli little black berries are packed full of superfood goodness….they contain magnesium, calcium, zinc, Vitamin E and Iron.  They have been used as a bush medicine for generations and loved by the early settlers who did a direct swap with their favourite herbal remedy Winter’s Bark.

Hot and spicy with a chilli-like flavour Pepperberries add amazing flavour to any meal. The gourmet native berry of the Australian bushfood scene!

You can also mix with your regular black Pepperberries if you want to soften the flavour a little.

Bushfood with a chilli-like kick!  If you’re used to using Dorrigo Pepper then you can easily substitute Australian Pepperberries, although they are stronger and hotter!