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Lemon Pepper Cheese Balls

Need something delicious to have with drinks when unexpected guests arrive and you've just got home from work!  Try these.

Lilly Pilly & Almond Slice

Ok, so this one is a take on the scrumptious French frangipane tart, but with Australian almonds, Lilly Pilly's and Pears from country Victoria we've just invented delicious all over again.  

Beer Damper

I'm not a beer drinker, but I have to admit this beer damper is something else and the aroma in the kitchen as it cooked made me want to rethink my lack of love for the frothy brew.

Bircher Muselli with Bushfood

It really doesn't matter what time of day you eat this, you can enjoy for breakfast, but the middle of the day for a snack or even as a desert after dinner, it works.

Mark’s Quandong pie with mixed berries and custard

This wonderful recipe using dried Quandongs has been passed onto me from Mark Lees who is a ranger at the Northern Kosciuszko National Park, he has made it for the staff there who have assured me it is the yummies pie going.

Wattleseed Tiramisu

This delicious desert had my guests wanting more. Best made the day before, to enable the flavours to move through the biscuits. Another great thing about this recipe is that by simmering the wattle seeds and using the flavoured liquid, the wattle seed paste that is left behind can be used for another recipe, ie wattle seed pasta.