Beer DamperI’m not a beer drinker, but I have to admit this beer damper is something else and the aroma in the kitchen as it cooked made me want to rethink my lack of love for the frothy brew. I’ve used Matso’s Mango Beer in this recipe and it’s amazing to drink and makes the best beer damper. Some great options for this damper is to add some ground pepperberry, wattleseed or lemon myrtle, all these amazing bush herbs will take your, not-so-humble, Beer Damper to whole new level, just a great Aussie BBQ addition.
Wattleseed Espresso ButterThis can be stored in the fridge for up to a month. Wattleseed butter is sensational on Banana and Muntrie Bread.
Apricot & Sunrise Lime ConserveRemember if you're cooking jams or conserves that you are dealing with high temperatures, make sure your arms are covered and also wear protective eyeware, gloves and shoes, burns happen really easily when these start boiling and it does splutter....keep your kids away from the kitchen during this time. When I was cooking professionally as a confectioner I had a lot of burns, particularly in the early days, most are preventable, so take care; but enjoy your cooking.....these are the fun things to do and make great gifts, who doesn't love a pot of home-made "something"
Red Curry Cauliflower SoupI’ve received more rave reports from this soup than anything I’ve ever done. The simple flavours of the curry spices plus cauliflower makes it a winner.
Coral Trout cooked in paperbark with lemon myrtleI still remember this BBQ, it was with friends at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. A great day and a fantastic gathering, we pretty much added whatever vegetables we wanted and piled it all into the paperbark and then onto the BBQ, after that it was drinks all round and lots of talking.
Orange Salad with Anise Myrtle & MuntriesThis is a recipe from my cookbook, The Outback Chef. I love oranges, here the sweet juiciness of oranges have been paired with that amazing bush herb, anise myrtle. Quick and easy to make, bright and colourful. I use oranges a lot, it must go back to my youth growing up on a citrus orchard, happy days with always lots of oranges. I've sprinkled a few muntries in as well. A great salad for any occasion whether it's the BBQ or a formal dinner party.
Roasted Wattleseed & Pepperberry Chai MochaRoasted Wattleseed & Pepperberry Chai Mocha is perfect. Add a touch of your favourite liqueur & it fairly sings. A great comfort drink, not loaded with fat (unless you add cream...hmm an option) If it's late in the day and you want a little extra something, add some liqueur; try Tia Maria, Kaluha or even Whiskey...just a thought!
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