There are many different species of wattleseed growing in Australia, most are edible.  When roasted and ground wattleseed has a chocolate coffee nutty flavour and aroma, it makes a great addition to your next muffin mix, butters, curries etc…the possibilities are endless.


There are about 120 different species of Acacia in Australia (most of them edible). Wattleseed was traditionally used by the Aboriginal people as a flour, mixed with other native flavours to create a damper. Wattleseed is high in protein, a low glycaemic food (releases sugars slowly) it contains calcium, zinc, iron and potassium. Since the 1970’s Acacia trees have been planted in Africa to provide Wattleseed to drought affected populations.

Wattleseed, when roasted and ground, has a coffee, chocolately, nutty flavour and is fast becoming popular used as a natural flavouring.