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Ideal to add to your morning cereal, quandongs are a great addition to any pies or baked goods, makes brilliant jams and conserves and mixes quite happily with other fruits and berries.  Try this delicious Quandong & Rhubarb pie featured on the Aussie Radio Show

These quandongs are halved and dried, soak in water overnight to re-hydrate.

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Quandongs are also known as the desert peach. They have a tart peach/rhubarb like flavour.   Used a lot by the early pioneering women to make jams and chutneys, these crazy little fruits are 3 times as high in Vitamin C than oranges.

Quandongs are harvested late in the year and grown in the sandy soil of South Australia, although they also grown up in Queensland.  OutbackChef sources it’s Quandongs directly from our grower in South Australia and we’ve been getting them from this same grower for over 15 years.  These beautiful old trees enjoy the desert sun and all the variables that Mother Nature can throw at them and they love it!

Once harvested the fruits have their stone (seed) taken out and are carefully dried to make sure all the flavour is still there.

To hydrate dried Quandongs just leave to stand in water over night, refresh the water the next day and cook gently to finish hydration, add a little sweetener to taste.  Quandongs just about triple in size once hydrated.

The unique flavour of Quandongs, their quirky name and the great health-giving benefits make this fruit a superfood star.

Store the dried halves in a fridge or freezer and remember we don’t use any pesticides on these, they come straight to you with no artificial nasties!

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