Lemon Myrtle 20g


Quick tips for using Lemon myrtle

Make a Lemon Myrtle Granita by steeping some Lemon Myrtle leaves in cold water, use approx 1 scant teaspoon to 1 litre water, add sweetener to taste then freeze.  Once frozen use a spoon to scour the ice or put in food processor.  Usually when freezing the flavours need to be a tad stronger.

Use Lemon myrtle in place of any of your usual lemons

Add to olive oil to create a simple salad dressing

Add Lemon myrtle to your morning museli for a bushfood edge


Ready to give Australian bush herb, Lemon Myrtle, a go in your next recipe?

If you havn’t tried this strong Australian bush herb then it’s time you did. For information on how to use Lemon Myrtle (see below)

Lemon myrtle is without doubt one of the best known bush tucker herbs, it has an extremely strong flavour and aroma and has been part of Aboriginal bush medicine and a favourite Australian herb for centuries.  Go easy when first using it, so many people just don’t realise how strong this bush food herb really is, and it does seem to go thru any dressing, baked goods or roasts and make it’s presence felt.  I known many people, sadly, who have tried lemon myrtle in their cooking, used too much got scared of trying again….just start using a little to get used to it.  Like so many of Australian native herbs and spices, they are strong and definately make their presence felt.

How to use Australian Bush Herb, Lemon Myrtle

  • Add to sauces & dressings for a lemon/lime hit
  • Half a teaspoon to your favourite muffin mix, Lemon myrtle and Coconut muffins are a great combo
  • Substitute Lemon myrtle wherever you would use lemons
  • Thai recipes taste amazing with a touch of Lemon myrtle
  • Lemon myrtle is strong in both flavour & aroma, use carefully until you get to know it
  • For a taste of the Australian bush try Lemon myrtle, the Queen of the Bush Herbs
  • Add some Lemon myrtle to your washing, helps add a great fragrance to those “sporty” sox, just wrap in a little bag or put in the sock itself

Lemon Myrtle recipes

Bircher Museli with Lemon myrtle, Macadamia nuts, Quandongs

Lemon Myrtle Shortbread

Gin with Lemon myrtle…you’ve gotta try this one!

Lemon Myrtle & Pepperberry Cheese Balls – a quick fix for sudden guests


Buy Lemon Myrtle

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