Lemon Myrtle 1kg


Lemon Myrtle leaves dried & milled

showing are fresh leaves & flowers before the leaves are processed

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Lemon Myrtle is probably the best-known Australian Bush Herb.

I get many people ask me how to use Lemon Myrtle?

So probably in the first instance, if it tastes like lemon then use it like lemon.  But remember Lemon Myrtle is a bush herb and is very strong in both flavour and aroma.  So once you’ve made the decision to buy lemon myrtle to try in some recipes just start with a little, you will find that the flavour will go thru baked goods and even ice-cream quite distinctly and too much just doesn’t taste great!  I think a lot of people have been turned off this fantastic, strong and aromatic Australian bush herb by using too much!

The Lemon Myrtle & Gin Cocktail is a really great drink

A really simple way to use Lemon Myrtle

For a really easy way to enjoy the flavour of Lemon Myrtle then just steep approx 1 teaspoon of dried lemon myrtle leaves into approx 500ml of cold water,  leave overnight, dont use any heat, and then strain out the Lemon Myrtle, it’s a really refreshing drink in place of water on the table.

Also for a Lemon Myrtle tea, just add to your favourite Black or Green tea

Add Lemon Myrtle to your favourite muffin mix

Lemon Myrtle goes great in stir frys

For more ideas on how to use Lemon Myrtle then check out our recipe section on this site.


Where is Lemon Myrtle Grown?

Lemon myrtle is a native of the Australian rain forest and is found in northern New South Wales and Queensland, but this hardy tree can be grown as far south as Melbourne and I’ve seem some great Lemon Myrtle trees growing in Tasmania.  If they’re really protected from the frost when they’re young then the amount of oil in the leaves seems to protect them against all the cold weather in maturity, they are a wonderful addition to any Australian  bush food garden.

For more about Lemon myrtle you can read our Blog Post

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