A great Australian Gift Hamper

I just think this is a great hamper for someone who wants to give a gift where they can enjoy the flavours of the bush and not feel too intimidated by trying out new products, just a little teaser to enter the world of Australian Native Food.


We have our every-popular Australian Yellow Curry along with a recipe card to create the curry, and what better way to enjoy the curry than to have a wonderful Relish, this one is a cracker it’s made with Quandongs, a native fruit known for it’s high Vit C content.

Also included is a blank journal for our intrepid taster to write down recipes and comments plus add any further bush food info that comes to mind.

Everyone is familiar with Sandalwood as an incense stick or wood, but these nuts are from Australia’s native Sandalwood trees and have a beautiful soft flavour, even better if roasted.

Add to that a good cuppa and our Australian grown black tea from far north Queensland with Strawberry Gum from the middle of New South Wales is just a beautiful flavour, try it hot or chilled.

This hamper is carefully packed in a solid natural fibre gift box with a gift card to add your greetings, a good fun gift all round.

Note:  if we are out of stock of any of these items we replace it with a similar product of equal or greater value.