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Exotic Spice Mix with Bush Tomato, Wattleseed & Mountain Pepper

Outback Chef’s Bush Tomato spice mix has all the wonderful & unique flavours of Australia

Use this Bush Tomato mix create an amazing Bushfood Dukka (recipe inside pack) or sprinkle on salads, chicken or meat, a great all round mix for the taste of Australia at its best

Bush Tomatoes are eaten once they have ripened and dropped from the bush. ; On the bush itself they are green and contain alkaloids that can be harmful if eaten green. ; Once they drop off the bush and dry they turn a dark red and look a bit like a sultana. ; They can be added to a variety of tomato-based dishes. ; Bush Tomatoes are not like a fresh tomato as the name indicates but are a herb that can be used to add flavour to almost any dishes. ; They have a sundried tomato taste with a touch of caramel.

Out of stock

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