Two Australian Bush Herbs Lemon myrtle and Tasmanian Pepperleaf combine with a salty finish to create the perfect Bush BBQ Lemon Pepper.  It works well on steak, fish or chicken.  Try adding it to your favourite oil for the perfect salad dressing or use as a rub.

Outback Bush BBQ’s have always been a traditional favourite in this country.  We all have images of the perfect backyard BBQ and most Australian homes have a BBQ of some description to cook outside with.  Australian Bush Herbs definately have a role to play in outside cooking, whether it’s to marinate meat or vegetables in a mix of Australian bush herbs and spices, mix Lemon myrtle with a little oil and some of your favourite herbs, add a touch of Tasmanian Pepperberry for a dash of peppery heat and you’ve got a great marinade.  In your own backyard the Aussie bush flavours and aromas help create a great occasion.

Lemon myrtle from the rainforests of NSW is one of the best-known of the Australian bush herbs.  OutbackChef’s Lemon myrtle’s leaves are dried and ground ready for culinary use.

Tasmanian Pepperleaf  or Tasmanian Pepperberry, Australian bush spice, can be used just like any traditional pepper, but apart from this peppery finish it has a faint eucalypt flavour and aroma, just like the Australian bush.

The combination of these two special Australian edible natives with sea salt is a real winner, it’s a been one of OutbackChef’s most popular mixes and has become a firm favourite with many of our customers.

A great spice mix for your pantry, a great gift for your foodie friends and a great product to send to your friends overseas, showcasing just how great Australian bush herbs and spices  can be.