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The Outback Chef cookbook by Jude Mayall

easy to follow Outback Australian bush food recipes

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The Outback Chef by Jude Mayall 

Learn more about Australian native food, where its from, the spiritual significance that is has to the indigenous people of Australia, full of information and easy-to-follow recipes incorporating native food into everyday cooking

For thousands of years, the indigenous people of Australia have been creating delicious food from the land, making excellent use of the many native spices, herbs, fruits and berries that grow in this country. So how can we bring some of this wisdom into our kitchens? In this beautiful cookbook, Jude Mayall shows us how to use traditional cooking methods to create bush tucker-inspired meals, from bushfood pizza, to coral trout cooked in paperbark with lemon myrtle, to delicious condiments like bush tomato and mountain pepper dip.

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