A innovative and indulgent Australian artesian hamper, also includes 3 x Outback Bush Curries (not shown in pic)

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TO READ…  The OutbackChef cookbook, lots of great easy to follow recipes and information on Australian native edibles and their health aspects, beautifully illustrated botanical images and much more, this isn’t just a cookbook but a journey into the world of what eating Australian natives is all about.

TO COOK…(not shown in hamper photo)OutbackChef’s Outback Bush Curry, Australian Red Curry and Australian Yellow Curry, three curry stars that incorporate Australian native herbs and spices in with the exotic flavours of the east.

TO SPICE IT…Lemon Myrtle, a strong aromatic herb that grows naturally in the subtropical rainforests of Australia, adds a citrus zing to any recipe from shortbread biscuits to your favourite Thai stir fry.  Also included is a sachet of roasted and ground Wattleseed.  Wattle trees are found all over Australia and this bush spice has formed a very important part of the indigenous diet for thousands of years.

TO SPRINKLE…Murray River Salt, known for is soft pink colour that comes from the minerals in the native soils.

TO SPLASH…Red Rock Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, a vibrant and tasty addition to dress any salad

TO SPREAD…OutbackChef’s Seriously Australian Bush Burger Chutney, perfect with any Aussie burger, cold meats or generous sandwich

PLUS…A curved wooden spatula and the cutest little cast iron frying pan.

ALSO INCLUDING…Recipe card, and a lot of useful information on edible Australian native herbs and spices, medicinal, historical  and indigenous uses.

All carefully packed in a reusable suitcase with a Gift Tag to personalise your present.

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