These amazing little dried black Pepperberries pack a really "really" hot chilli punch

    So many times when I've been giving cooking demo's or talking about natives and sending around samples for people to smell and try, I advise not to eat the pepperberries straight out and what happens, of course, there's always someone!...and then I'm treated to the drama of watering eyes and a hand trying to fan out a burning mouth. These little guys are really hot hot hot, it firsts hits on the tip of your tongue which goes numb...good party trick I guess if you're feeling that way with your friends, but saying that, the benefits of having pepperberries in your pantry to create a bit of Australian native bushfood heat are they are great for your health, taste fantastic and go with any dish, what's not to like?
  • These little pepperberries are hot and spicy, very hot chilli/pepperberry flavour.

    When making a white sauce don't forget to grind in some Pepperberries United to change it from "just a white sauce" to something amazing.

    This great colourful combination of Pepperberries from around the world not only look fantastic, but also are a great flavour addition to your peppermill.  Ground liberally over steak, fish, chicken or vegetables.
  • Australian Pepperberries add a flavour punch to your grinder with this peppery combo Tasmanian Pepperberries join forces with Green, Pink, White and Black Peppercorns to create a high-spirited palette of colour and flavour  for more lively, aromatic excitement.
  • Native Pepperleaf can replace your everyday white pepper.

    OutbackChef Pepperleaf is dried and milled (pic shows pepper leaves growing)
  • Wild harvested Pepperleaf

    Dried and milled. Image shows the dried and milled leaf, plus the fresh leaves.
  • TASMANIAN PEPPERLEAF, Soft, peppery and aromatic

    Wild Australian Pepper, both the leaf and berries, come from the alpine areas of Tasmania and North East Victoria