go to recipe for this exotic touch of the east An extoic palette of spices, rich and inviting, enjoy Roasted Wattleseed blended with Australian Wild Pepperberry Chai with or without milk. The aroma intoxicating, the flavour sensational. Wattleseed is as popular as ever and there are so many species of wattle throughout Australia that it makes sense to try as many as we can, but beware, while most are edible...not all. At OutbackChef we take care that we get the best species of wattleseed for the job, in this case it’s Acacia victoriae and we do quite a dark roast for this one in order to get the best flavour for our Wattleseed and Pepperberry Chai, add some of the great middle eastern spices and viola! A great chai tea that can be drunk straight as is or with a touch of milk and honey.  Remember when making chai tea use water to extract the flavour, a tea made on milk wont allow the tea to reach it’s full potential...it just doesn’t work, add milk later.
  • Tasmania lanceolate, Australian Pepperberries a superfood that packs a hot chilli punch 

    Australian Native Pepperberries are high in anti-oxidants

    Wild Australian native Pepperberries are so delicious, with amazing therapeutic benefits These hot chilli little black berries are packed full of superfood goodness....they contain magnesium, calcium, zinc, Vitamin E and Iron.  They have been used as a bush medicine for generations and loved by the early settlers who did a direct swap with their favourite herbal remedy Winter's Bark. Hot and spicy with a chilli-like flavour Pepperberries add amazing flavour to any meal. The gourmet native berry of the Australian bushfood scene! You can also mix with your regular black Pepperberries if you want to soften the flavour a little. Bushfood with a chilli-like kick!  If you're used to using Dorrigo Pepper then you can easily substitute Australian Pepperberries, although they are stronger and hotter!
  • Natural Ramie Eco Kitchen Apron with pocket, adjustable neck strap, linen-like textile, natural Ramie 85%, cotton 15%.  Ramie is a premium plant fibre with an absorbency much greater than cotton. It is resistant to bacteria and mildew, is one of the strongest natural fibres in the world and does not shrink. Ramie is an ancient textile or over 5,000 years old and has been used since pre-historic times throughout Asia and is commonly used in Japanese textiles.  Older than cotton, Ramie fabric was used for mummy cloths in Ancient Egypt. A handy set of mini tongs A mini caste iron pan, great for melting a little butter, cooking a mini damper, even can be used a beautiful little table server for chutneys or sauces A ceramic bowl that is oven safe to 250C, Microwave safe, Freezer safe with a durable enamelled surface, this is full of OutbackChef's Dukkah Bush BBQ Lemon Pepper, the ideal rub for fish or chicken, or add as a spinkle over salads.  Use this to create our Lemon Pepper Cheese Balls A recipe card for Australian Lemon Pepper Cheese Balls OutbackChef's Australian Spiced Berries & Mandarin Green Tea, a great tea to enjoy at the end of the day. OutbackChef's Seriously Australian "Wild Paddock's" Jam
  • This hamper contains some of the most popular herbs and spices;  OutbackChef's Lemon Myrtle, Wattleseed and Mountain Pepperleaf OutbackChef's Outback Bush Curry with recipe inside card Recipe card for Aussie Betroot Relish OutbackChef's Seriously Australian Country Kitchen Raspberry Jam An aboriginal designed blank journal to record all your Bush Tucker recipes with a Bush Tucker designed cover Australian native Sandalwood nuts grown in Western Australia in a beautiful ceramic bowl that is  Oven safe 250C, Dishwater, Freezer, Microwave and Grill safe.

    These amazing little dried black Pepperberries pack a really "really" hot chilli punch

    So many times when I've been giving cooking demo's or talking about natives and sending around samples for people to smell and try, I advise not to eat the pepperberries straight out and what happens, of course, there's always someone!...and then I'm treated to the drama of watering eyes and a hand trying to fan out a burning mouth. These little guys are really hot hot hot, it firsts hits on the tip of your tongue which goes numb...good party trick I guess if you're feeling that way with your friends, but saying that, the benefits of having pepperberries in your pantry to create a bit of Australian native bushfood heat are they are great for your health, taste fantastic and go with any dish, what's not to like?
  • These little pepperberries are hot and spicy, very hot chilli/pepperberry flavour.

    When making a white sauce don't forget to grind in some Pepperberries United to change it from "just a white sauce" to something amazing.

    This great colourful combination of Pepperberries from around the world not only look fantastic, but also are a great flavour addition to your peppermill.  Ground liberally over steak, fish, chicken or vegetables.
  • Australian Pepperberries add a flavour punch to your grinder with this peppery combo Tasmanian Pepperberries join forces with Green, Pink, White and Black Peppercorns to create a high-spirited palette of colour and flavour  for more lively, aromatic excitement.
  • Native Pepperleaf can replace your everyday white pepper.

    OutbackChef Pepperleaf is dried and milled (pic shows pepper leaves growing)
  • Wild harvested Pepperleaf

    Dried and milled. Image shows the dried and milled leaf, plus the fresh leaves.
  • Maxwell & Williams Maison Salt & Pepper grinders with Murray River Salt and Tasmanian Pepperberries are the perfect cooking aid or table decoration. These contemporary transparent grinders feature ceramic mechanisms for the salt grinder and carbon steel mechanisms for the pepper grinders.
  • TASMANIAN PEPPERLEAF, Soft, peppery and aromatic

    Wild Australian Pepper, both the leaf and berries, come from the alpine areas of Tasmania and North East Victoria



    a great bushtucker herb that can be used in place of your regular pepper. Mountain Pepper flavour is softer than the berries with a gentle "bushie" aroma