• Australian Tea

    Lemon Myrtle & Orange is the sweet simplicity of a perfect match, an Australian superfood in a cup!

    I think most people are familiar with the strong punchy flavours of Lemon myrtle, but used with a little discretion this robust flavour can be gentle as well, it has a calming influence with its “orange” cousin and add some Australian grown black tea and this combo is ready to go.  When you feel like the familiar flavours of citrus and a great cuppa to boot, then this tea ticks all the boxes.  It’s an extremely popular tea for all ages and any time of day, enjoy a quite cuppa with some “just me” time or make a big pot for friends.  This tea also makes a great iced tea, make it as usual then chill straight away, don’t over-brew, once chilled add sweetener to taste.
  • Lemon myrtle strong lemon/lime citrus aroma & flavour.

    Lemon myrtle is without doubt the best known bushtucker herb. You can add it in your salad dressing, baked goods, stir fry’s, anywhere that you want that lovely lemon flavour, beware it’s strong in both flavour and aroma so use a little at first until you get it right
  • Australian grown Green Tea, Ginger and Lemon Myrtle

    Perfect pick-me-up in the morning tea.  Great stomach settler after a heavy night. 75g pack
  • Lemon myrtle the "Queen" of the bushfood industry

    has been used for food, in cosmetics, insect repellants as bush medicine and much more.  Probably the best known bush herb, this fantastic leaf has a strong lemon citrus flavour and aroma, great for adding some great flavour to any dish
  • Lemon Myrtle leaves dried & milled

    showing are fresh leaves & flowers before the leaves are processed
  • Quick tips for using Lemon myrtle

    Make a Lemon Myrtle Granita by steeping some Lemon Myrtle leaves in cold water, use approx 1 scant teaspoon to 1 litre water, add sweetener to taste then freeze.  Once frozen use a spoon to scour the ice or put in food processor.  Usually when freezing the flavours need to be a tad stronger. Use Lemon myrtle in place of any of your usual lemons Add to olive oil to create a simple salad dressing Add Lemon myrtle to your morning museli for a bushfood edge
  • Outback Chef's Lemon Myrtle from the rainforests of Australia

    dried and milled ready for cooking