• A great hamper for the those with the entertaining spirit!
  • this hamper contains   East meets Oz with two of OutbackChef's fantastic Australian curries featuring some of the most popular bush herbs; lemon myrtle, anise myrtle, natives peppers, combined with exotics spices from the middle east to create a curry like never before....recipe inside each curry pack. Plus a Wild Lime Olive oil from Western Australia, both the olives and the Wild Limes are grown on neighbouring properties, warmed by the hot sun of the West to create a dressing that makes your salad really sing. Recipe card to create one of my favourite salads, the perfect salad for guests or just for you to enjoy, combined with the recipe card is a pack of Aniseed myrtle, an Australian herb with a wonderful Aniseed flavour, perfect for this salad. Wild Paddock Jam, a combo of berries found at the end of the paddock, where all good berries grow and develop the best flavours, great for toast in the morning or add some to yoghurt for a delicious Australian Grown berry flavour!  
  • For the BBQ entertainer, this combo of bush food spices is ready to use and ready to create.
  • This hamper contains Davidson Plum Jam Lilli Pilli syrup River Mint & Lavender Tea Wild lemon Grass & Ginger Tea Australian grown black tea and Strawberry Gum Australian grown green tea, lemon myrtle and ginger Outback Bush Curry Aboriginal designer journal Please note that you can add to your hamper with any other products on this website and we will add them into your specialty hamper. If products specified in the hamper are out of stock, we will substitute with a similar product of the same or great price.
  • This hamper is full of the great flavour of the Australian bush with a touch of the exotic.

    Native Lemon Grass and Ginger Tisane

    The Australian landscape is alive with Native Lemon Grass, add the classic partner Ginger a combination to revive the spirit and tantalize the senses

    Want the perfect iced tea on a hot Summer day?

    just make tea as usual, add sweetener to taste and chill.