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    The Australian rainforest knew what it was doing when it produced this amazing fruit, and the tangy tart flavour of Davidson Plums have created a bushtucker paste everyone will love.  It goes with any cheeses, I particularly love it with a great Tasmanian Blue cheese. Davidson Plums grown from northern NSW right up the coast to Atherton Tableland, with a tart fruity flavour they are a great addition to pies, jams, chutneys and of course Outback Chef's Davidson Plum Fruit Paste.
  • Bush Tomato or Desert Raisin Relish, perfect relish for your true-blue Aussie Hamburger

    This relish made from Australian Bush Tomatoes, Solanum centrale, called Desert Raison's by the early settlers are a low desert shrub.

    When the Bush Tomato fruit turns from green to red and drops to the ground it's ready for eating. A popular food source of Australia's indigenous people for generations. This relish is the perfect way to enjoy the unique flavour of the bush tomato. Whilst they are related to tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) they could possibly be even a closer relation to the eggplant (S.melongena) which they have many details in common. Bush tomatoes taste like a sun dried tomato with caramel overtones, they can be quite bitter if too large a quantity is used in cooking.  Consider them like a spice rather than as a fresh tomato.
  • Native or Desert Limes made from native limes grown in West Australia.

    Desert Limes are an Australian native fruit that has a soft lime flavour.

    The Limes are wild-harvested around the end of the year, according to the season then go straight into the pot to create this sensational marmalade. These bright green baubles have been turned into a marmalade fit for a king or queen
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    Native Rainforest Tamarind from Far North Queensland have been used to create the most beautiful fruit paste. Rainforest Tamarind trees grown in the rainforest in far north Queensland.  Beautiful to look at and a surprise to taste, nothing like their strong-flavoured "tamarind" cousins, much milder and easy on the palate. A rich orange colour, this really lights up any cheese platter, great with a tangy brie. A slightly tangy flavour with a mild "orangie" flavour, what can I say, this is worth a try.
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    Outback Chef's beautiful Quandong fruit paste has a touch of Anise Myrtle, it sits happily on any cheese platter and goes well with a creamy brie and some black grapes. Excite your "foodie" friends with the flavour of Australia with this fruit paste made from wild harvested quandongs
  • Sunrise Limes are used in this true-blue Aussie marmalade with a lime cumquat flavour

    These Sunrise Limes are harvest from my friends, Vickie and Marks property in Western Australia.  They are nurtured and grown with care to produce the best superfood limes ever. Makes a perfect bushfood gift for you or someone special
  • Blood or Ruby Limes are a bushfood native of Australia, a beautiful soft, lime grapefruit flavour If you want the perfect gift or a treat for yourself then this marmalade is the perfect addition to your morning toast or with scones, a little cream also adds to the story.